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Be a Presentation Ninja | Talk Like Ted

Suitable for anyone who has to present, pitch or train. This session gives practical tools to plan and deliver engaging and powerful presentations. You will understand the psychology of convincer channels & how succeed. You will also be able to adapt your style, get results & gain confidence.


11 December 2024








Course Description has revolutionized presentations, speeches, and training. In the modern era, effective persuasion through presentations is a crucial skill. To stand out, your presentation must emotionally connect with your audience. Achieving this involves engaging your audience, keeping the content concise, focusing on three main themes, and appealing to their senses. The emphasis is on planning and delivering impactful talks, exploring engagement psychology, PowerPoint tips, and insights from Ted. The process involves self-awareness, refining delivery elements like pitch, pace, posture, pauses, and utilizing the "power of three".

Key Learning

  • Developing a presentation using the 4Mat Method

  • Pitch, pace and posture and the power of three - how to engage and inspire

  • The perils of PowerPoint and how to avoid them

  • Troubleshooting and managing issues, including stress

  • Lessons from


Anyone who needs to make a presentation, address a meeting, engage a team, train or impact others. From CEO's to team leaders, all can benefit from these practical, simple tools.

Course Books

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