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Building a High Performance Team

Gain an understanding of team dynamics and how as a leader, you can get the most from your team and ensure alignment.


11 September 2024








Course Description

Effective team leaders are highly sought after in every industry. In this building high performance teams, leadership course, you will learn to utilise the people management skills required to lead successful, high performing teams, including managing team dynamics, understanding the cause of and how to resolve conflict and problem solving. Understand how team briefs can impact a team's performance on a daily basis and how to deliver them effectively.

Key Learning

  • Understand the stages of team formation and dynamics

  • How to identify the roles and responsibilities of team members

  • How to navigate the balance between managing teams, individuals and tasks

  • Plan team building and oversee team goal setting

  • Understand team dysfunction and apply problem solving techniques to resolve conflicts

  • Understand the power of and how to deliver a team brief


Team leaders, supervisors and managers who want to build stronger teams and improve their performance

Course Books

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