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Building Your Business Through Social Media

Social media exposure can make or break your business. This session will give you practical tips and tools to use social media productively.


10 April 2024








Course Description

Social media has revolutionized communication, becoming the primary form of word-of-mouth and surpassing traditional means in speed and influence. Despite its widespread use, many individuals and businesses struggle to leverage social media effectively for their goals. Research shows that about 70% of LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter users do not fully utilize the platforms for personal branding, networking, and business growth. To address these challenges, a practical session aims to empower participants with the knowledge and tools to build a strong online presence, create engaging content, and nurture meaningful contacts. Additionally, the session will explore social media as a powerful sales strategy, teaching attendees how to boost sales and grow their businesses. By the end of the session, participants will gain a renewed perspective on social media and a refined strategy to maximize its potential for profile-raising, networking, and sales.

Key Learning

  • What are the different platforms and when to use them?

  • Building your profile statement to get noticed

  • When to accept followers, when not to

  • How to build a network and get noticed

  • Apps to help you

  • Best times to post and updated post requirements

  • Where to get more information


Anyone who wants to improve their use of social media

Course Books

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