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Coaching inc Speed Coaching

The ability to coach others is one of the most important skills required of a leader. This double session gives you a framework to use based on the GROW model, we focus on how to question effectively, how to focus & actively listen. We will also illustrate how to adapt the framework for speed coaching by using the 'Killer Question' concept.


12 June 2024








Course Description

Establishing a coaching culture in the modern business landscape is crucial for consistency, collaboration, and organizational alignment. When leaders embrace coaching as a core skill, it enhances individual performance, team dynamics, and overall productivity. However, creating such a culture presents challenges due to time constraints and a lack of coaching expertise among leaders. This session aims to equip leaders with practical tools, focusing on "speed coaching," an agile approach that enables impactful interactions. Speed coaching involves brief yet potent coaching sessions that promptly address challenges and leverage growth opportunities. This method facilitates concise, actionable discussions, leading to swift decision-making and effective issue resolution.

Key Learning

  • What is coaching and how does it differ from mentoring and teaching

  • Understand the skills required of a coach

  • Using the GROW model - a formula for coaching

  • Using Speed coaching and how it differs from traditional coaching

  • Using mentoring techniques for speed coaching

  • Practice the techniques


Anyone who need to find more of the right people, from HR to leaders.

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