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Communication 101

How to become a more effective communicator, face to face, in email and on the phone.


9 October 2024








Course Description

Do you ever feel like you are repeating the same things and no one is listening? Research has shown that it is the communicator not the listener that should adapt their style to become more effective. This practical session that will help you to become a more inspirational and effective communicator. You'll gain an understanding of how to communicate positively face-to-face, over email and on the telephone based on the psychology of communication, with a series of tips and tools you can immediately.

Key Learning

  • Understanding effective communication

  • How a message flows

  • The psychology of communication

  • Barriers to communication and how to overcome them

  • The dynamics of face-to-face communication - body language and tone

  • The power of words & listening skills

  • Being able to ask the right questions

  • Transmitting your message clearly and accurately


Leaders, supervisors and team members who need to improve their communication skills.

Course Books

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