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Don't Get a D for Delegation

Delegating not only gives you more time, it empowers your team. We will give you practical tools to delegate effectively and using SMARTER goals.


7 August 2024








Course Description

Mastering the art of effective delegation is one of the most valuable skills for any leader. Delegation not only lightens the leader's workload but also plays a crucial role in the growth and development of both the organization and its employees. However, despite its numerous benefits, many leaders find it challenging to let go of tasks and responsibilities, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed and stretched too thin.

In this session, leaders will gain a deep understanding of the significance of delegation and how it can positively impact their own growth and that of their team. They will learn the importance of using SMARTER goals and the 8 steps of delegation.

By the end of this session, leaders will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to delegate effectively.

Key Learning

  • Why we should all delegate more, the positive impact on doing so for yourself, your team and others

  • Who to delegate to

  • A formula for delegating

  • Using new SMARTER not SMART goals

  • How to use delegation to build an employee's skills confidence and ability to take responsibility


All leaders, managers and supervisors who need to improve their delegation skills or would like a refresh

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