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Impact and Influencing

Influencing others whether; peers, stakeholders, the boss, the team, buyers or contractors will help you become more successful and effective.


7 February 2024








Course Description

People buy people more than companies, so having the ability to get others on side & build rapport is a fundamental skill required in business. In order to be successful leaders & supervisors have to influence those across a business that do not report into them Having the ability to impact & influence others would lead to more efficient & cohesive working practices.
For sales teams, more than ever the ability to read others & adapt their narrative and approach, be able to negotiate whilst building strong relationships is a fundamental to achieving a high conversation rate.

Key Learning

  • Understand lab and meta profiling

  • Focus on the top 8 drivers

  • Gain an insight into how you can identify an individual’s drivers

  • Tips and tools for general impacting skills from chief negotiators

  • Negotiation basics

  • Understand how you can adapt your style and language to suit others


Anyone who wishes to influence others including team leaders, project managers, sales teams and senior leaders.

Course Books

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