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We will equip you will the skills and strategies for navigating bargaining and dispute resolution for a mutually beneficial outcome.


15 May 2024








Course Description

This negotiation session imparts vital skills and strategies for navigating complex bargaining and dispute resolution situations. It emphasizes effective communication, active listening, and problem-solving to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. The session covers diverse negotiation styles, cultural impacts, and ethics. Practical exercises and case studies enhance participants' negotiation abilities, building confidence for real-world challenges. Ultimately, the course cultivates essential negotiation skills for personal and professional contexts, enabling individuals to attain successful and lasting agreements

Key Learning

  • The phases of negotiation

  • Understanding the jargon

  • Tips and tools for general impacting skills from the FBI chief negotiators and Chris Voss from his book below

  • Negotiation basics

  • Understand how you can adapt your style and language to suit others


Anyone who has to negotiate with others, including sales teams, project managers, board members and leaders

Course Books

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