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Uncovering the Real Person at Interview

Interview tips and tools to uncover the real person; find the right candidate who is more likely to be a fit and thrive.


6 March 2024








Course Description

Finding the right people for your business can be challenging, how do you know they are a right fit for the culture, the processes and the team. Many of us will have interviewed a prospective employee who turned out to be vastly different from the image they portrayed at the interview and who we had to ask to leave.
This session gives practical interview tips and tools to uncover the real person, through getting behind the mask by asking astute and telling questions and understanding how to read their answers, body language and tells more effectively. This course will help you find the right candidate who is more likely to be the right fit and thrive.

Key Learning

  • How to structure the interview

  • Questions to ask to uncover the real person

  • How to read what is not being said

  • Understand the true meaning of active listening and how to use this to get behind the facade of a person

  • How to ensure you do not lose the good ones


Anyone who need to find more of the right people, from HR to leaders.

Course Books

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