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Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience

How to move from customer service to customer experience (CX), thus creating a culture that understands the big picture & consistently exceeds expectations.


9 October 2024








Course Description

A remarkable customer experience is vital for a business's continuous growth. Unlike customer service, which reacts to individual needs & is more transactional, customer experience covers the entire journey a customer goes through & forms an emotional connection. Positive experiences at each touchpoint fosters loyalty, retention, and brand advocacy. Understanding the full customer experience encourages cross-department collaboration resulting in a seamless experience and unified approach.

Key Learning

  • Customer service v customer experience

  • The importance of creating positive moments of truth

  • From warm welcome to fond farewell

  • Mapping the journey

  • Over coming pinch points and danger zones

  • The importance of creating a seamless experience


Anyone who is in a customer facing role within hospitality, facilities, retail and business.

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