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Emotional Intelligence

Understand how to read situations, manages others emotions, be self aware and manage your own emotions.


15 May 2024








Course Description

IQ gets us the job; EI keeps us there. The ability of a chef to manage their own and other’s emotions, especially during service in a hot and heavy kitchen are a key part of the role. This will session equip you with vital skills to enhance your emotional awareness, self-regulation, empathy, & relationships. Through practical exercises & discussions, you'll gain tools to navigate your own and other's emotions & interactions effectively. Exploring self-awareness, empathy, communication, & stress management, you will leave with valuable emotional intelligence tools which will not only aid your personal growth it will help you to become an even better leader.

Key Learning

  • What is EI? Looking at Goleman's model;

  • Understanding and managing yourself: dealing with stress (this includes a test)

  • Understanding and managing others

  • Building your confidence

  • How to demonstrate emotional reasoning

  • Building an emotionally intelligent workplace

  • The top ten best tips for exhibiting EI in the workplace


Exec, head & sous chefs that have to manage their own and other's emotions especially in high pressure environments.

Course Books

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