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Managing Bullying and Harrassment

Ensuring a safe and inclusive workplace can be intimidating for managers. We give practical tools to help achieve this.


11 September 2024








Course Description

People have the right to be treated with dignity and respect at work. When they feel bullied or harassed it can impact productivity, performance, lead to absence and high turnover. It can also change team dynamics and cause silos. This session gives managers and leaders the tools to spot the warning signs, foster an environment of respect and how to be assertive without being aggressive themselves. It will also give them some tips and tools on how to manage the situation if they are accused of bullying when trying to performance manage employees.

Key Learning

  • The definition of bullying and harassment and how to recognise it

  • How the law views it, and the consequences should it proceed to Court

  • How to deal with bullying and harassment in the work - place

  • Practical information and tools from ACAS

  • How to create an inclusive workplace which is psychologically safe.

  • How to manage your own approach to find the balance between pliable and assertiveness


Leaders, and supervisors who want to develop a truly inclusive workplace and who that have to manage a team on a daily basis and are unsure of what they can and cannot do or say.

Course Books

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