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Right on Time

How to manage your time effectively, by balancing your cooking, paperwork, people management and delegation.


10 July 2024








Course Description

Workloads never seems to diminish with to do list getting even longer, yet as a leaders we need to
be calm, organised and manager our day to day responsibilities alongside other projects. This session give
practical tips and tools to improve your efficiency and time management. How to gain focus, avoid
distractions, using tech and the importance of planning. It takes the best tips from 20 years of time
management courses. It gives you practical tools to manage your workload, find more time and get stuff

Key Learning

  • Making sense of time

  • Prioritising and the power of a notebook

  • Delegate, Ditch, Defer or Do

  • Dealing with interruptions

  • How to say no

  • Working SMARTER not HARDER

  • Using technology to help you

  • The top ten best tips


Anyone who wants to be more effective and efficient.

Course Books

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