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Manage and Motivate

Motivating your team to gain discretionary effort. How to give and get the best for & from your team.


7 February 2024








Course Description

Delegates will learn the key to not only what inspires & motivates individuals but also how to create a motivating environment within which they can thrive. The main aim of this workshop is to explore the theories of motivation, & the latest research into what motivates others and to help attendees explore a range ways to inspire and motivate their team
We will also explore the role of the holistic leader and how today's workforce want a more rounded leadership style.

Key Learning

  • Understand motivational theory

  • The latest research from meta - rewriting Maslow for the 21st century

  • The importance of understanding what makes your team tick and how to do it

  • Practical tips and tools to help you make your team feel appreciated


Anyone who manages or supervises a team and wants to get the most from them.

Course Books

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