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Conflict Resolution

Dealing with conflict, whether that be internal, with suppliers or with customers is never easy, this session gives practical tools to manage these situations effectively.


10 January 2024








Course Description

This Conflict Resolution workshop aims to equip participants with the essential skills & techniques to effectively manage & resolve conflict across various professional settings. Conflict is an inevitable part of human interaction & is ever more present in the workplace, leading to disruption, absenteeism, poor performance & reduced profit. This course will help individuals develop a better understanding of the dynamics of conflict, how differing communication styles & expectations lead to conflict. Attendees will gain the confidence & competence to handle conflict constructively, foster positive relationships.

Key Learning

  • Understanding conflict

  • Define conflict and its various forms

  • Recognise the different stages of conflict escalation

  • Develop effective communication skills for conflict resolution

  • Managing and de-escalating conflict


Anyone who needs or has to deal with potential conflict in the workplace.

Course Books

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