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How to Have a Tough Conversation

Learn the formula and gain the confidence to hold tough conversations at all levels.


6 March 2024








Course Description

There are times when Chefs and head Chefs need to have tough conversations, whether this be with your own team, peers, the boss or your suppliers. Based on the latest research and thought leader's recommendations, we base the session on the work of Kim Scott who learnt how to have tough conversations the hard way. This session gives a framework and useful key phrases which you can use to get your message across yet still maintain the relationship and are able to move forward productively.

Key Learning

  • Understand the benefits of a tough conversation and why it is crucial

  • A structure to follow - SBI

  • Key phrases to make it easier

  • Managing your emotions

  • Understanding the lessons from Radical Candor the book by Kim Scott

  • The top ten best tips we have found from reading 100's of articles and attending sessions


Anyone who needs to have a tough conversation with a reportee, a peer or their boss.

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